Implementation of Automatic Snapshot to reduce downtime

Configuration, installation, implementation and support for automatic snapshot technology in easy single click execution that shall be run post every major update and once for existing systems to take bare metal recovery image based of logical “C” drive comprising the OS, the installed software and our applications with settings and all files as of current status.

Our Team

Amit Chavan

Armed with a Bachelors Degree in Maths from Bhavnas College Mumbai, Amit has been associated in Consulting, Planning and its Execution of various IT projects for different companies before starting up on his own with Imperial IT Solutions, with a vision to bridge the market gap between the IT requirements of different firms and the available IT solutions. He is best known in the IT industry for his dynamic expertise in web development and UI/UX design.

He is actively associated with different business groups notable among them being BNI and Saturday Club of Malad in Mumbai.

Dhanesh Avinash Kuvar

A Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer with a Diploma in Computer Hardware & Networking, Dhanesh has been a driving force for Imperial’s steady growth in becoming a commanding force among IT Solutions providers in the Western part of the country, particularly in Mumbai.

He is also a part of the World’s biggest business network BNI for the last 8 years






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